1. Hotel

The hotel group will be one of the first groups that will welcome arriving guests, but also will help in their accommodation. During the event you will lead the ‘information point’, providing guests with the most important information about the conference (program, transportation and accompanying events), but also the city (tourist attractions, places worth seeing, merchant locations and other possibilities for spending free time).

  1. Logistics group (Transportation & Airport)

While working in logistics group, in cooperation with the drivers, you will be responsible for providing and coordinating transportation from various points of the conference (airport – hotel/ conference venue, hotel – conference venue, etc.). As the airport will remain the first meeting spot for arriving guests, and a leading ‘information point’, you will be responsible for providing guidance on possible driving directions to the hotel or the conference venue, as well as giving other necessary information related to both event and the city. Your duties will also include picking up indicated guests from the airport and accompanying them on the way back. Good knowledge of the city will be highly useful in this work area.

  1. Wrocław Congress Center

Wrocław Congress Center is a place were the main part of the conference will be held. Tasks of people working in this area include participants’ registration and giving away prepared conference packages. Besides the registration point, volunteers will also be responsible for the Auditorium and smaller conference rooms, where throughout the whole duration of the plenary panels and Café Conversations they will help the organizers with ongoing organizational matters. Other duties include help and support within VIP Rooms and meetings that will be held there, as well as Press Room assistance. Different activities will be held at the same time, so your help will also be indispensable in directing guests to different rooms around the conference center.

There are several sub-groups working within the Wrocław Congress Center:

  1. Reception/ Cloak Room

  2. Foyer, Main hall – Info point

  3. Auditorium

  4. Conference Rooms

  5. VIP Rooms

  6. Press Room

  1. Crisis team’

The so-called ‘crisis team’ will continuously support the organisers and respond to emerging circumstances, as well as support colleagues-volunteers at other task areas.

  1. Flying Angels

Flying Angels will take care of the most important guests of the conference, through their whole stay in Wrocław – from arrival to departure. Within this group your task will be to look after and assist one of the VIPs, provide guidance and all the necessary information about the city and the event.

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